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Jockey Club Food Assistance Programme

Jockey Club Food Assistance Programme

As the COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to the Hong Kong community and led to growing unemployment and underemployment, with rising demand for food assistance. To coincide with its efforts in supporting the local community, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust has approved a HK$450 million donation to launch the “Jockey Club Food Assistance Programme”, in conjunction with six NGOs and CSR partners, to provide transitional and timely relief for approximately 100,000 people facing financial hardship through a variety of innovative initiatives.


With the automated food dispensers being set up in various districts, this innovative initiative allows flexible collection of cook-chill meals supporting those who work irregular hours for up to a year.

l   Every applicant family/applicant needs to undergo assessment by professional social workers.

l   Applicant in eligible cases will become a member and be assigned with a membership card. Members can use the QR code on the card to pick up cook-chill meals on the food dispensers.

l   Each member can obtain services for at least 3 months to supplement his/her basic living needs.

l   After a year, members will be re-assessed by professional social workers and the eligible applicants may continue with the service.

l   For food safety reasons, the service is only available to those who live in the designated service areas while cross-district applications will not be accepted.

l   Members need to bring along the “food warmer bag” provided by the social service organization when they pick up the cook-chill meals each time to ensure food hygiene.

Remarks: Applicant families must obtain a functional refrigerator to store the frozen food items and equipment for reheating food (e.g. electric rice-cooker, microwave oven, wok, etc.).


How to apply

1. Apply through the official website and hotline

2. Apply online and you will receive an application number via SMS if you have initially met the eligibility criteria

3. Receive notification and appointments from the relevant social service organizations within five working days

4. Bring the documents to the relevant social service organizations for application and verification

5. After verification of documents, you will receive confirmation and notification of successful application via SMS


6. Commencement of services

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